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Multimedia Dance piece "Polar" explores the relativity of motion and the subjectivity of perspective through the metaphor of a continuously rotating performance. The piece activates our sense of movement and momentum on several levels; through the actions of a dancer, through the motion of a platform turntable supporting (and driven by) the dancer, and the varying perspectives offered by the audience and a vertically oriented camera. 

The interactions of the dancer, turntable disc, and computer vision forges a hyper-instrument that evokes the tropes of cyclic paths, both in musical form (an interlocking series of harmonic and rhythmic systems activated by the performer), choreographic presentation, and industrial-age mechanics. 

Computer vision technology supplies information on the relative velocities and positions of the dancer and her performance surface, creating a performance that explores the interplay between the diegetic narrative of the dancer in her (radial) space and the omniscient perspective of the audience looking in the choreography from a fixed point in space.Taking a cue from the non-cartesian perspective of the choreography, the music draws on tropes of polar movement (transportation, mechanization, migration, temporality) as its source material.

This piece is created by Beliz Demircioglu  and Luke R. DuBois. It has been performed in Vancouver NIME festival and Codice-Idee per la Cultura in Italy.

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