RAUSCH: Intoxification, excitement, craziness, love drunkenness...

These days in which areas can we experience the  joys that eliminate our comfort zones and add meaning and depth to life? Can we only overcome our secret longings like letting-go or going beyond our borders through the opportunities that consumption, work-life or the stock market provides us? Have our freedom and responsibilities, which we hardly gained as the individuals of the modern world, turned into a curse? 

Falk Richter's play RAUSCH, which originally premiered in 2012 in Dusseldorf, made its Turkish premier with the direction of Turgay Dogan and choreography of Beliz Demircioğlu at garajistanbul on April 4, 2017.  

It has become impossible for humans to find partners in the metropoles controlled by the modern life. The de-regulation efforts of neoliberal modernity have also affected the institution of marriage in 21st century. The amount of partners that can be found for small or big loves have dramatically increased.  


Our last utopia LOVE, has transformed into something that is incredibly hard to find. And the actual hardship starts when we find it. 

Writer: Falk Richter

Translator & Director: Turgay Dogan

Choreography: Beliz Demircioglu

Music: Kaosmos

Videoart: Katrin Kohler, Turgay Dogan

Dramaturg: Pınar Beyaz

Production: gnelmekan

Director assistant: Muje Selek

Performers: Cem Buyuk, Doga Demirhan, Berk Kristal, Semra Morgil, Oyku Oktay, İpek Tasdan, Bugra Cem Sahin, Didem Kiris, Goksen Coskunyuva, Tolga Sariaydin, Seckin Cinar, Tugce Aydin, Ozge Ozel, Beliz Demircioglu

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