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Photo: Atıf Akın

“Memory is more than a looking back into a time that is no longer 
it is a looking out into another kind of time all together 
where everything that ever was continues not just to be, 
but to grow and change with the life that is in it still.” 

Frederick Buechner

“The Crowd In Us” is an interactive installation that plays with the body, time, space and our perception of them. It creates 3 matrices of time; present, 5 seconds ago and a pre-recorded time, mixes these matrices together and creates one visual matrix where all the different times exist in one space. 

When the viewer steps in front of the projection wall what they see is their own live video footage and 5 seconds ago and a recording of the same space while a solo was being performed. The audience has the opportunity to interact with the past since the past becomes the future in this continuous flow of different times. And they have the possibility to arrange their movements according to the way they would like to foresee the future interacting with the past.

By blending a completely different time of a recorded video of a performance danced in the same place, the installation gives the audience the option to create a piece that blends virtual reality with the reality of now and here. 

This installation has been showcased in NYU Interactive Telecommunication Show, Tedance (Portugal), boDig 08 (Istanbul) and bodig 09 (France).

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