The Knot Theory 



Is it a problem that needs to be solved? Or a connector that binds the torn? Can it be both?

The only way to bind what only seems bonded in the surface is to cut even deeper. While “The Knot Theory” analyzes the surface and below the surface sides of incidents and relations, it is affected by the mathematical theory of Koningsberg’s Seven Bridges, a surgery, absurd theater, and the perspective that interactive technologies bring forth. It is a search on the nature of relationships that are cyclic in form.

Knot Theory is a 40 min. performance piece. It has been showcased in L'animal a l'esquena (Spain), garajistanbul (Turkiye), Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Carthage (Tunisia) and Centres des Arts (France).

This work has been developed at Absent Interfaces Lab in Tanzquartier Wien (Austria), artist residency at L’animal a l’esquena (Spain) and rehearsals at İstanbul Bilgi University’s Performance Art Track (Turkiye).

Concept and Choreography: Beliz Demircioglu with Gunes Caglar

Artistic Collaboration: Aylin Kalem
Sound & Interaction Design: Selcuk Artut & Alp Tugan
Visuals & Interaction Design Control: Ahmet Guzererler
Surgery: Ercan Cihandide, M.D. and his team
Production: boDig

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